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It's Game Time!

In partnership with Urban Sports LA, we are excited to invite 16 teams to our tournament this year.  All remaining proceeds from TechJam LA after covering for court rental, staffing and logistics will be donated to Special Olympics Southern California and Mychal's Learning Place

This year's tournament will be held on Saturday, March 11th 2017 from 10am to 5pm at the Lyon Recreation Center (LRC) at University of Southern California (USC).

LRC Main Gym

1026 W 34th St

Los Angeles, CA 90089

You can park your vehicle at Parking Structure A.  It will cost $12 per car.


With high participation, a 3 court gym, and a great cause, the stakes have never been higher for a TechJam championship.  So put down your MacBooks, lace up those sneakers, and let's ball!

TechJam LA 2017 is brought to you by:

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LRC Gym - Home of TechJam 2017

LRC Gym - Home of TechJam 2017


  • 16-team pool play bracket.  4 teams in each pool.  Top 2 teams from each pool will participate in 8-team single elimination bracket. Tie breakers will be determined by point differentials (total points scored - total points allowed.) 1st place teams will take seeds 1-4 on the final bracket ranked by point differentials.  2nd  place teams will take seeds 5-8 ranked by point differentials.   Every team plays a minimum of 3 games.
  • 15 co-ed players per team (max). If your team exceeds 15 players, please contact
  • 5 on 5 full court games.
  • Play to 17 points (straight-up).



  • Field goals are worth 2 points, and three-point field goals are worth 3 points. 


  •  A jump ball at center court will start the game.
  •  Glasses or jewelry must be taken off prior to the game. 



  •  No Timeouts for pool play games.  One 30 second timeout per team will be allowed from Semi-Final games forward.
  • Sub in/out on dead balls only.  Subs go to score table – refs let them in.
  • On a dead ball, check the ball in from top of the key.
  • Jump balls will be called by tournament officials.



  • Fouls will be called by tournament officials.
  • Any type of foul will be considered a team foul.  You are allowed four team fouls.  Once you are over this limit, the offense will get 1 technical free throw for every foul committed thereafter AND possession of the ball.  
  • In an "And 1" situation, shooter gets 1 free throw. Whether the shooter misses or makes the free throw, the opposing team will get the ball at mid court. 



  • All players must be employees of their company team. No ringers.
  •  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your game.
  • Aggressive taunting or rough play is prohibited.
  • No arguing with tournament officials. 
  •  No food allowed inside gym. 
  • Players must wear basketball shoes. No exceptions.  Please make sure the soles of your shoes will not leave a mark on gym floors.

In the spirit of charity and camaraderie in the LA tech community, we would very much like to stress “GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP” which should go hand in hand with this tournament.  We would appreciate that anyone attending a game refrain from showing disapproval at a referee’s call.  Instead, give your team encouragement!  

Who's in?

Meet the athletic techies fighting for the championship this year...